Roots in the Lot Valley.



15 years ago, Eugene Lismonde fulfilled a lifelong dream by becoming a wine producer, cajoling his entire family to join him in his adventure.

He chose a location in the Lot in South West France, home to many generations of his wife’s family.


Having bought the tumbledown, bramble-choked ruins of an ancient walled bastide with only its 13th century tower still standing, he alloted his wife the task of restoring it and creating guest houses while he set about putting down his roots, quite literally, by planting our vineyard.


Our only additives are the grapes.

It's fair to say that Mother Nature has conspired to provide Tour de Belfort with the perfect conditions for the cultivation of the noble grape. Our vineyard here in the Causses de Quercy area of the Cahors region of South West France resides at the perfect grape-growing altitude of 300 metres with a limestone clay soil and gentle breezes to caress and coax our 10 hectares, with their 8 different grape varieties, into fruition.

Because Mother Nature has been so good to us, we're good to her too, avoiding the use of herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers, allowing nature's bounty to take its course. That's why you'll see splashes of dazzling wildflowers dotting the vineyard throughout the summer months while our beehives house a colony of happy bees to preserve the vital ecological balance of the land as well as providing a ready supply of honey.

Perfect grapes make perfect wines.

As well as avoiding chemical nasties, we allow only four to six bunches to grow per vine to achieve the maximum concentration of fruit and aroma, discarding a remarkable 150,000 bunches! Before harvest, we then remove any grape that’s less than perfect and finally harvest by hand at the optimum moment for each variety of grape.

Hand picked grapes

The true taste of hand-picked grapes. The fact is, however, that all this lovely eco-friendliness has an ulterior motive.

It makes our wines taste better.

Because we allow nothing, but nothing, to get between the great taste of the grapes and you.

Natural vinification. Naturally.

Carved into the hillside below the chateau, our new winery is designed to complete the natural process nature has begun with several levels using the effects of gravity to provide even more gentle care for these most cosseted of grapes.

Our limited release premier wines are aged in French oak barrels.