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We chose a unique setting to grow our roots

It all started 10 years ago, lightly around a glass of wine. My parents, Eugène & Sylvie, were finally admiring the result of 15 years work renovating the ancient tower and remains of 13th century Bastide of Belfort du Quercy. My mother's family has been in the village for many generations, but my father is Dutch and we have lived many years in England, so we attracted local curiosity and headlines with all the stones being moved around. My mother Sylvie guided the works in and around the ruins, carefully mixing old and new and achieving a warm and welcoming home with lots of guest rooms for friends and wine lovers. Meanwhile my father patiently dived into the local history, collecting information, documents and testimonies on the history of the small Bastide of Belfort du Quercy. Well not so tranquil in fact as it hides ferocious religious wars, dangerous poisoning of husbands and a merciless revolution. All to be told to you when you visit us...

But that particular evening, in the soft hour of wine o'clock time, my parents felt they had not finished their project. Old stones are beautiful but as Adrian Edmondson said on TV last night "If I take a bit of soil with me I would take the heart of France"...this was the beginning of our most audacious family project. With love (lots of it to keep cheerful in not so cheerful moments) passion (lots lots of it to climb the very steep learning curve), respect for nature (all organic and blending in with the striking natural reserve) and a great team, we replanted the village's vineyard over 5 years and in only two harvests created our award winning Tour de Belfort wine.

Many more stories to share with huge vats being delivered on the village church doorstep and beehives in our vines as a barometer to organic treatments. We brought our first harvest to England and shared a few glasses with Master of Wine David Roberts, Corksout Award winning wine retail owner Ruth Yates, and with Aiden Byrne the youngest English Michelin Star Master Chef. Their kind support and enthusiasm, and our so small production (not suited for large distribution) have given us the confidence to promote our wine direct from the vines to your doorstep, with just an efficient delivery man (and sadly too much duty taxes...) between you and our bottles. Hope you will enjoy our story...and wines.

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