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3 medals in 2016

Each year we enter our Cuvee Classique wines to industry competitions and have successfully scooped 17 awards in the past six vintages. This year we have been awarded a medal from each competition entered.

For our red, we were awarded a Gold Medal in our regional competition - and against 16.500 wines at the national competition Concours General Agricole de Paris, we achieved a Bronze medal.

We were also especially delighted at the news that we had secured a medal for our rosé, after almost losing our entire production of our popular pink wines.

Our 2015 harvest had almost ended in disaster when we were struck with a major storm, depriving us of electricity just as our rosé grapes had entered the press. Within hours we had successfully salvaged the situation with an emergency generator but only managed to save the equivalent of 1000 bottles.

As our rosé is always a limited edition quantity, we do not usually present it in competitions - but as our 2015 vintage is so precious, we decided this year to go ahead and see how it fares. We chose the Vignerons Independants competition which is only open to artisan vineyards and it proved to be a good decision as we were thrilled to receive the silver medal.

Our new vintage is still resting in the winery. As we only make a very light filtration we have to patiently wait for the wines to settle naturally, leaving the deposit at the bottom of the vat. Bottling is planned for July, just in time for our summer visitors to enjoy a sneak preview at our aperitif tastings.

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