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Our wines in Switzerland

We are very proud to have 5 of our wines on Per-Henrik Mansson’s restaurant “Le Communal’s” wine selection. Per- Henrik is a wine expert and was editor and journalist at “The Wine Spectator” for 17 years before opening his own restaurant in Val d’Illiez, Switzerland. Our wines are his “Coup de Coeur” (French for “love at first sight”) and we couldn’t resist meeting him around a glass of wine, Tour de Belfort of course!

What made you become a restaurateur after being such a successful editor and journalist at The Wine Spectator?

"As a senior editor reviewing restaurants I have been disappointed too many times. I wanted to open a restaurant that reflected my idea of a great place: casual but with great food and a service more American, relaxed in style, than European.

Do you feel that was the key to your success?"

I had a vision of what I wanted. A real place where you can come in freely, with a casual atmosphere, where you can just enjoy a soup with a great glass of wine, a piece of cheese, and then you can leave. Not one of those fancy places. But the food must be really good: good products, terroir products and great wines.

Your restaurant is renowned for its good food and wine selection, and has a fantastic wine list. You have selected 5 of our wines, how do they contribute to your wine selection?

I am knowledgeable but all my choices must be a “coup de Coeur”. Yet, as I know a little about wine, my “coup de Coeur” is going to be good!

In your case, you came in here, waltzing into my restaurant, talking about your vineyard and winery and how you made your wines. From your passionate talk, I could visualise your biodynamic vineyard, your winery, carved into a hill and using gravity. As a journalist, I have come across wines made with gravity and less pumping, these wines are generally more tender, they respect the fruit. So I tried your wines and they were very good!

It’s easy to find and buy expensive wines. The trick of our trade is to find very good but also affordable wines. I want to sell good wines at a reasonable price and we are both committed to the same thing. I practice reasonable margins on wines. I want my guests to get excited on the wine choice and to be able to enjoy more as the price is right.

Your Cuvée Classique white is perfect with sea food. It’s probably one of my favourite wines. Unlike oaky Burgundies, it has freshness since it is harvested at the right grape maturity.

The Grand Vin Malbec was a big hit from the beginning. People really like it, a fair price for a very fine quality. I think by the way that your 2015 vintage is the best Malbec you have ever made. At the beginning, it was light but now it has closed in and is a very serious wine. You can put me down for another 100 bottles!!!

Thank you Per-Henrik, you are our “Coup de Coeur restaurant”!!

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