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Un-Corking of our Sauvignon Gris 2013

This week is a big week for us at Tour De Belfort. Our 2013 bottles have just arrived in the UK! Having recently completed our fifth harvest and just about to launch our fifth vintage, we’re as passionate about our new wines today as we were back in 2009 when we introduced the fruits of our inaugural harvest – our first Tour De Belfort red.

Since then we have developed a much broader selection, so that our customers can now choose from our Cuvée Classique red, white and rose blends; our single-variety Grand Vins matured in French oak barrels; our sparkling rose and white sparkling Cremants. And now we have another exciting new addition to our range – we’d like to introduce you to our Sauvignon Gris (certified organic).

Although the name translates as “grey sauvignon”, its skin colour is actually a very pale pink. Virtually wiped out by the terrible phylloxera epidemic, Sauvignon Gris has recently been rediscovered but remains rare in wine production, perhaps due to the intensive care and nurturing required to keep it in good condition.

At the vineyard, we must hand pick the Sauvignon Gris grapes in the early morning, keeping only four grape bunches per vine. When it enters our barrels, we then need to slow ferment at a cool temperature over a period of 18 to 20 days. The process is labour-intensive and complex – but after tasting our first harvest of Sauvignon Gris, we think it’s worth it.

Aromatic, and a cousin of the well-known Sauvignon Blanc, our new wine enjoys delicate aromas of grapefruit and boxwood and smokey flavours, with a further rich aromatic bouquet of passion fruit and lychees adding an exotic note and bringing a new freshness.

Tasting our Sauvignon Gris is a true aroma adventure. Try it with avocado, salmon tartar, oily fish, goats cheese or even greens - and it's also great with grilled or roasted white meats.

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