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Should you decant Tour de Belfort?

We were recently asked by a customer about residue found in our red wine and whether we recommend decanting before drinking. Actually we do think it is a good idea, especially for our youngest wines as it exposes them to oxygen and allows them to develop their full aromas. It is a consequence of our wine making methods which are designed to keep sulfite levels as low as possible while still implementing natural stabilizing methods.

To achieve this we need to take extreme care in our wine making process maintaining exceptional hygiene levels in the winery, keeping constant attention to temperature control and protecting our wines from oxidation at all times. Because of this wine making method we do recommend to decant our young wine to give it some air and time to open up the flavors.

Another reason for decanting is the natural residue in our red wines bottles. The residue is tartaric acid, a crystalline organic acid which occurs naturally in grapes. High levels of tartaric acid in grapes is a sign of quality. It is one of the main acids in wine, giving freshness and also acting as a preservative protecting against undesirable bacteria after fermentation. It is harmless and tasteless, but is indeed immediately recognizable to drinkers of natural wines as "wine diamonds” on the inside of an empty bottle.

We do not use any chemical stabilization method and neither do we use any “fining agents” to clear our wine. Our filtering before bottling is soft to protect the tannins and aromas of our wines. This is why you will always have these “tartrates” in your bottles of Tour de Belfort.

So it’s only nature & grapes in your glass and vegetarian too!

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