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Malbec passion!

Who says Argentinia is Malbec’s homeland? How did the French let this happen!

Probably by hiding our Malbec in a complex and confusing AOC quality system, French bottles were covered in lovely names that gave no hint of grape variety. A few years ago it was even illegal to add the grape variety on an AOC label, making sure that you had to spend hours browsing wine guides and learn all about our geography, to find out the secret of your wine.

Malbec is now mostly associated with the Mendoza wine region of Argentina even though it has its origin in South West of France. It is the star wine in our local Quercy region and of course the grape variety in our famous Cahors wines. Malbec only made its way to Argentina in 1868.

Once upon a time Malbec was the preferred wine of many kings and was called “black wine” by the English since the marriage of Alienor d’Aquitaine with Henri II nearly 900 years ago. The Pope Jean XXII, born in Cahors, adopted the black wine as his table and mess wine, much like the tsar Peter the Great of Russia.

Sadly, all this came to an end when Malbec disappeared completely from the Cahors vineyards due to the phylloxera disease. It was finally replanted after the second world war but became an “AOC” only in 1971. It remained the secret of a handful of wine lovers for many years hidden away from the wine scene by the geographical AOC system and even called by other names such as “Cot” and “Auxerrois”.

Today teaming up with winemakers from Mendoza region, Cahors wines are breaking free from the AOC rules and are not shy anymore to communicate on their grape variety, seducing the wine world with “Passion Malbec” adverts and trendy “Villa Cahors Malbec” tasting bar.

Have you tried our Tour de Belfort? We blend Malbec, with Merlot, Cabernet Franc & Syrah, not following AOC rules but aiming for a delicious and unique wine made with organic methods.

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