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Looking for a holiday at our vineyard?

My favorite moment at our Domaine is waking up to our French breakfast on our terrace overlooking the beautiful Lot countryside. The sun is not yet hot and there is no need to search for shade and nothing beats the pleasure of jam or Tour de Belfort honey on this firm soft bread ending the last bite with the crispy crust… with an eye on the croissants.

The rest of the day just flashes by with work in the vines (not expected of guests of course!), visitors calling in to discover our vineyard, feeding family and friends on holiday, mostly 20 of us around the table. And every evening, we sit down back on the same terrace, for our favourite time of day, Wine O’clock under the stars.

With our extensive local knowledge (my family have been in the region for many generations) we know all the best places so If you decided to visit us we would make sure, depending on your personal interests, you didn’t miss out on any of the treats that lie in store for you in this very special part of France. We would be delighted to recommend to you all the colourful markets that bustle with life, the medieval towns and villages found in this ancient area, fascinating walks, caves and gorges that are all part of the history of our region.

If you’ve got an appetite to see more vineyards then we can help guide you through an itinerary of other wineries …unless you’ve decided to try your hand at helping us in the vines and are happy working alongside us in our grape harvest! And it goes without saying that if your idea of a holiday is just to sit back and relax, then of course you’re more than welcome to do that too. Far from the madding crowds, and away from the activity of the vineyard itself, Domaine De Belfort is truly an oasis of calm.

Our main house is built around the ruins of a fort from the 13th century Bastide of Belfort du Quercy. Indeed the very name Tour De Belfort originates from the ancient fort itself, the word Tower in French being Tour. Renovating our Domaine was a painstaking labour of love – but one that uncovered many great secrets, including the existence, beneath the rubble, of what was obviously once a thriving village.

It was these unexpected discoveries that gave birth to the houses we are now offering for rent - for continuing our search for old stones in the early stages of our project, we unearthed and renovated the former village hall, a troglodyte house carved into the rock and the last remains of the fort’s second tower. Years of work have transformed these ruins into a thriving Domaine and vineyard and for the first time we are now able to share with you all our very special home. Far from being a literal recreation of the past though all of our houses now boast the best of modern 21stth century comfort, ready for our guests to rent.

The “Troglodyte house” is carved into the rocks and has been renovated in keeping with its medieval roots maintaining all the character you’d expect to find in a property of this age. One “en suite bedroom”, two small bedrooms (3 beds in total) sharing a shower room, a dinning/sitting room and a kitchen. Small garden with spa pool, Sleeping 4/5 comfortably the rent is € 950/week.

“The Farm house ” is built on the remains of the second fortified tower. Two bedrooms with “en suite bathrooms”, one bedroom with en suite shower room and independent access, a large sitting dining room with comfortable kitchen, a private gardens and terraces and a spa pool. Sleeps 6 comfortably. Rent € 1250/week.

Both properties share access to a tennis court, TV room and library (full of French books!).

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